Written and Performed by Ricky Coates

Directed by K. Brian Neel

“An exceptionally well-performed, entertaining and grisly story of one man’s difficult passage through the land of the undead…” - Jerry Kraft,

ONE NIGHT ONLY at BPA: October 30, 2015
Friday @ 7:30 p.m.

"[Coates and Neel] find a way to make zombies new again" - Winnipeg Free Press


THE DEATH OF BRIAN is about the epic journey of a zombie. But it's more than that. It's as if a radio drama and physical theater had a baby.

It's a new perspective on the zombie era and the zombie itself. It's got puppets, philosophy, sci-fi references, fights, blood, sex, and dark laughs.

Coates performs A ZOMBIE ODYSSEY (episode one) one night only at BPA. After a car wreck, Brian Smith reluctantly finds himself on an epic quest to find his wife. His journey, however, is plagued with questions: What is happening to his body? Who is this mysterious voice? What is Humanity? And why does everyone say he's dead?

“Brian was already a zombie of a man before he became infected - dragging himself between the television set and a dead end job - but that didn't make the transformation of his once human body any easier to digest. He is as surprised as the audience is disgusted by a sudden lust for brains and entrails: a bloody mess that paints a work of art. This is a one-man show, but several other characters are seamlessly brought in and out of the story. It's through these pre-recorded "other halves" of the conversation that The Death of Brian feels even more like a dance, as he carefully times each movement and response between the voices. He is dragged away and imprisoned. He pulls off elaborate fight scenes. He devours half of a [man] only to hold him in his arms and consider the meaning of it all. In a world of zombie comedies and dramas, The Death of Brian takes a stab at art. Don't miss the transformation.” -Kim Kaschor, CBC News

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Appropriate for ages 18 and older.


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