Spring Send-Off 2017

BPA Theatre School's Spring Send-Off

June 8 & 9, 2017
Thursday & Friday @ 7:00 p.m.

Performances will begin with the 2nd –8th grade productions of tales from Hugh Lofting’s series on Doctor Doolittle, and end with an original work devised by Teen Intensive students to showcase their talents!

Patrick Hurlburt and Liz Ellis direct the 2nd –8th grade students in Doctor Doolittle, a wacky tale in which the good doctor of the classic story has been split into three sisters who each go on their own adventure. The youngest, Minnie Doolittle, goes to the moon to save a cat who went up to chase the mice she figured would be after the moon cheese and got stuck when she couldn’t afford a ticket home. Lula Doolittle goes under the sea to treat a tone-deaf orca with an oar caught between her teeth, and the oldest, Sarah Doolittle takes all the odd creatures they bring home to the circus, only to have an adventure of her own.

Liz Ellis directs 5th – 8th grade students in Doctor Doolittle and the Puddleby Pantomime. This wacky tale reveals the adventures of a two-headed antelope, a housemaid that’s really a duck, a seal dressed as a lady, a horse wearing glasses, plus a pig, dog, lion, and leopard.

The Teen Intensive performance will debut original works designed and staged by students from this spring’s workshops. Director Liz Ellis says, “The students who take the spring Teen Intensive are the ones most dedicated to the theatre school program. It’s very exciting to learn what they’re capable of after all these years on our stage and watch them start to take control of their own performance.” Come with them as they compete on a game show that’s unusual to say the least, chat with their anthropomorphized moral quandaries, pick through the facts in their bedtime stories, and more.


Spring Send-Off 2017

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  • Adults - $10.00

  • Senior, Youth, Students, Military, Teachers - $5.00

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