Quichua Mashis

Quichua Mashis

November 6, 2015
Public Performance: Friday @ 7:30 p.m.

Music from the Andes Mountains of South America










The music of Quichua Mashis resonates with the rhythmic diversity of the Andes. The members have performed in Europe, South America, Japan, Canada, and the United States and established Seattle as their home base in 1993. Formed by Quichua Indians from northern Ecuador, this band celebrates their connection to “Pacha Mama” (mother earth) and their spiritual journeys through music.

Since arriving in the Northwest, Quichua Mashis has participated in a wide variety of events demonstrating their versatility including; public and private schools, universities and colleges, nightclubs and musical showcases, theaters and concerts, fund-raisers and corporate affairs.

They've performed for the Seattle Art Museum Black & White Ball, the Children's Museum, the Mayor's Art Walk, the Mayor's Pike Place Celebration, Nordstrom's Awards Salute, Portland's Special Olympics, Seattle Symphony, the Puyallup Fair, Washington Hispanic Festival, many music festivals, community fairs and numerous other venues.

“I left the stage feeling like I had to clean out some of that ear poison somehow, and just minutes later stumbled upon the sweet angels of Quichua Mashis singing a cover of "Hallelujah." Success !!”Bree McKenna covering Gus+Scout at Bumbershoot 2013

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Quichua Mashis

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