Performance In Hodges Hall


Main Hall-Seating capacity 245

Rental Fee is $500.00 for a five-hour performance block due 60 days prior to the performance date.  Additional hours in the facility will be charged at $50.00/hr for the facility plus required hourly staff time.

Required hourly staff rates:

House Manager - $20.00/hr for show calls only.

Production Director - $28.00/hr with a 4 hour minimum is required for all time in the facility including rehearsal.

Additional hourly rates (optional based on use):

Box Office/Ticket seller - $13.00/hr

Stage Manager - $23.00/hr

Stage Hand - $15.00/hr

Concessions Personnel - $13.00/hr

$500 refundable cleaning and damage deposit due 60 days prior to the performance date.  Please provide a separate check for the deposit as we hold it until satisfactory checkout.

Rental fees for performances in Hodges Hall encompass the following services and parameters:

Five hours in the facility:

This begins when the first person arrives and ends when the last person leaves. This time block includes load in and set up as well as clean up and load out.

Theatre Lighting using the standard BPA repertory lighting plot:

This plot consists of 10 zones each independently controllable. Each zone has a warm light and a top light. Specials are not a part of this package and must be arranged with the BPA production director 2 weeks prior to the performance. Changes in the arrangements made 2 weeks prior to the event or requests made at paper tech, rehearsal, or load in time cannot guarantee that there will be sufficient time or resources for accommodation.  Additional charges will apply to changes in the repertory lighting plot and additional lighting specials requested.  Lighting hang time will be charged to include both the facility rental at $50/hr and the Technical Director at $28.00/hr ($78/hr) and must be arranged in advance with the Technical Director. Charges will be based on your requirements and the state of the hang due to other events and will also include restoration time. Please see the technical specification sheet for equipment descriptions.  Charges for the use of the lighting inventory at BPA are $1.50 per light per day (12 hours).  The entire package of lighting equipment is 90 fixtures, so the daily charge for the full use of the lighting package is $135.00/day.  Color scrollers, gobo rotators and theatrical lighting fixtures are included in this count.  For example, if you choose to use the downstage 5 areas with the main curtain drawn closed, you would use no more than 25 fixtures for a total rental price of $37.50.  If you use the mid stage traveler for your performance space, the maximum number of fixtures and technology would be 60 for a total charge of $90.00.  All lighting packages must be negotiated in person with the Production Director.  If you defer to the Technical Director for advising on your lighting design, the maximum number of fixtures available for your chosen stage set will be charged.  There is no charge for use of the basic work and house lights with no lighting changes.

Sound system using the BPA in house sound system:

This system is capable of playback of musical media including CD, Minidisc and .WAV files and supporting up to 6 live microphones. BPA can provide 2 monitor mixes.  BPA reserves the right, at its convenience, to transfer your media to a format that will result in a more efficient running of your show (e.g. CD’s transferred .WAV files for digital playback). Your media must be presented in a ready to use format. BPA can provide limited editing and compiling functions. Editing must be arranged 2 weeks prior to the show date. The charge for this editing service is $28 per hour and must be arranged at least 2 weeks prior to your event. Under no circumstances will audio editing be done during your load-in or rehearsal period. The technician needs to be focused on the rehearsal, not on editing sound. Please see technical specification sheet for equipment specifications.   The charge for the use of the sound system as described above is $55.00 per day (12 hours) and $30.00 per additional show with no changes to the sound system set-up.

On site technician to operate the above lighting and sound systems:

This technician will translate your requests during rehearsal into operation of the lighting and sound systems. You must provide a cue list that details the actions required of the lighting and sound systems and a stage manager to call the cues for the show to the technician. BPA recommends a “paper tech” session with your stage manager and the BPA production director prior to any rehearsal. The paper tech will result in the smooth running of your valuable rehearsal time. BPA prefers that this paper tech take place at least 2 weeks prior to the show date. This allows time for any changes in the repertory plot and any sound editing to be accomplished. Changes to lighting and sound decisions made during paper tech less than 2 weeks prior to show date cannot be guaranteed. The BPA Production Director can also provide suggestions based on your technical needs which may enhance your show. The charge for the paper tech is $50 per hour, as it requires an exclusive use of the main hall to look at lights and listen to the audio.  There is no additional facility fee as the paper tech must be scheduled at a mutually agreeable time and is subject to availability of the facility.

Use of dressing rooms:

There are 2 dressing rooms at BPA. The Patterson Room is located through the upstage left door is a room that has a divider curtain and can accommodate up to 30 people. The Green Room is located upstairs and can accommodate up to 15 people. Each dressing room is equipped with in house sound monitors and a wall mounted video screen showing the stage view.

Use of the kitchen:

The BPA Kitchen has equipment to make coffee and prepare reception food. There is a refrigerator, commercial sanitizer and 2 sinks. Please communicate your kitchen usage needs with the Production Director 2 weeks prior to your show. 

Use of the lobby:

The BPA lobby space is available for your use. Common uses include: receptions, intermission refreshment service, merchandise sales and small displays. The gallery walls are reserved for use by artists and cannot be used. Arrangements for lobby use must be made with the production director 2 weeks prior to your event.

Access to public relations listings:

BPA rentals and bookings receive the same foundational press/publicity treatment as BPA events, pending timely receipt of requested materials.  Press/publicity treatments include an event press release, inclusion in monthly event summary, manual posting in online listing venues, submittal to other venues and follow-up press contact (submittal does not guarantee publication) as well as posting on BPA’s website.  In order for BPA to offer the best publicity in advance of your event, please supply the following items at least two months in advance:

Event title, dates, days and times

Length of event, does it have intermission?

Appropriate for what ages?

Ticket price and contact information

Brief event description (15 - 25 words or less) for distribution with monthly event summary

Longer event description (50 - 150 words) for distribution with event press release and BPA website

JPEG- 371 pixels wide by 480 pixels tall for use on BPA website

High resolution image(s) for sharing with press (including photo credit)

Onsite house manager to run the front of house:

BPA House Manager will provide support and training to your volunteer ushers, ensure that the audience is seated according to BPA and fire marshal policies and communicate with the Stage Manager that the front of house is ready to begin.  The House Manager will also be the point of contact for all lobby and kitchen activities. 

Rental fee does not include (extra charges):

Piano is $100.00 per event.  Piano tuning is not included in this rental fee and arrangements to have the piano tuned by our approved piano tuner must be made no later than 60 days prior to your event.  Piano tuning is $150.

Dance Floor is $100.00 per event and includes one taping.  If you require the floor to be moved for tap performances, the charge is $25 per re-taping.

Additional load-in time billed at $78/hr, facility time of $50.00/hr plus Production Director time billed at $28.00/hr.

 Technical or rehearsal time in the facility in addition to the five hour block covered by the rental fee billed at $78/hr,  $50.00/hr for the facility and $28.00/hr for the Production Director, charged in one hour blocks.

Boxlight MP-60e 3500 lumen projector is $45.00 per show. 

Use of adjacent portable classrooms (two available) is $15/hr.

Charges begin when the first member of the group arrives and end when the last person of the group leaves. Variable rates are charged for ushers, ticketing support, concessions, based on the above rubric.  Please discuss details with the Production Director.

Other items not included with the rental fee: 

Lighting design decisions are the responsibility of the renter. The Production Director will determine what is possible in the time allowed and will strive to make the event as visually appealing as possible.  The Production Director is a valuable resource for creating lighting looks on stage, however the lessee must clearly state the desired lighting look and be prepared for the possibility that it may not be possible in the time frame or with the equipment available. Lighting design services are available by contracting individually with a designer, but all changes to the repertory lighting plot will be charged at $50 per hour plus $28 per hour ($78/hr) for setting up the specialized lighting looks and then restoring the plot to its original repertory state. 


Stage management is one of the most important factors in determining the smooth running of the event. The Stage Manager will know when to get the talent in place, decide that the show is ready to begin and communicate with the House Manager to get the OK to begin, communicate with the BPA technician when to execute changes in lighting or sound, communicate with any stage crew to execute staging changes, know the scope of the show and what it will take to get from beginning to end, facilitate all backstage communication including actor arrival, clean-up and strike. BPA is not responsible for producing the event, therefore a stage manager must accompany the lessee. BPA is not responsible for the smooth running of an event if the lessee does not provide a stage manager to run the show.

Performance In Hodges Hall

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