Island Theatre Ten-Minute Play Festival 2015

August 21 & 22: Fourth Annual Island Theatre Ten-Minute Play Festival at BPA

Performances: Friday & Saturday @ 7:30 p.m.

The death of a parent, a mysterious journey, conversations beyond the grave, the anguish of writing a ten-minute play and, of course, romance are among the themes of Island Theatre’s fourth annual Ten-Minute Play Festival offerings. Out of forty-seven play submissions from both experienced and emerging Kitsap County playwrights, nine plays were selected to be performed by Island Theatre directors and actors.


NEW FOR 2015! In response to feedback from playwrights, directors, actors, and audience members, fewer plays were chosen this year so that each can be performed twice - once on each evening. In past years, around sixteen plays were selected, with half produced on the first evening of the festival and the remainder on the second, requiring festival fans to attend on both evenings to enjoy the entire slate of plays.

FESTIVAL DETAILS: View the list of the plays, along with playwright biographies, directors, and cast members. The performance schedule will be available soon on the Island Theatre website, The festival is recommended for ages 13 and above, as some plays include strong language and adult subject matter.

The entries were subjected to a “blind” judging (playwrights’ identities were hidden) by three theatre professionals. The playwrights are required to either live in or have a strong connection to Kitsap County, and although they are allowed to submit up to three entries, only one play per playwright is selected for performance.

An overall festival favorite, determined by the judges, will be awarded a cash prize at the end of the festival on Saturday night.

This year’s featured playwrights include six returning winners from past festivals –Jeff Fraga, Paul Lewis, Steven Lee Palay, Karen Polinsky, John Ratterman, and Wendy Wallace – plus three newcomers: Noah Barfield, Rob Burke, and Elizabeth Coplan.

The directors are Michelle Allen, Todd Erler, Linda Jensen, Matt Longmire, Fred Saas, Pat Scott, Tell Schreiber, and Dennis South.

The plays feature an ensemble cast of twenty-three Kitsap County actors: Jim Alexander, Thomas Allen, Quinn Balan, Austin Bennett, Susan Bielka, Kent Bridwell, Cymbeline Brody, Tracy Dickerson, Shannon Dowling, Bronsyn Foster, Karen Galven, Carolyn Goad, Rilla Ailes Hughes, Mike Klemetsrud, Joseph Lacko, Patrick Ryan, Per Sherwin, Sandi Spellman, Diane Walker, Tyler Weaver, Nathan Whitehouse, Nita Wilson, and Ryder Wing.

As the festival playwrights can attest, it can be just as challenging to write a compelling ten-minute play as one that’s full-length. The elements are the same - interesting characters, convincing dialogue, a compelling narrative arc, dramatic tension, and theatricality - but the playwright has an alarmingly short amount of time in which to make it all work.

Island Theatre’s 2012, 2013, and 2014 Ten-Minute Play Festivals played to full BPA houses both evenings. Besides the delight of seeing entertaining plays written, directed, and performed by their friends and neighbors, audience members know that even if they aren’t crazy about one play, another is just ten minutes away!

This year’s festival is funded in part by the Bainbridge Community Foundation (BCF), The Maggi Rogers Fund (a BCF donor-advised fund) and the Michael Milligan & Jeanne E Fund (a BCF donor-advised fund), with technical and publicity assistance from Bainbridge Performing Arts. Island Theatre also receives support through One Call for All and generous patron donations.

ABOUT ISLAND THEATRE: Now celebrating its twentieth anniversary, Island Theatre's regular schedule includes bi-monthly staged play readings at the Bainbridge Public Library plus, in intervening months, potluck dinners in privately hosted homes at which all guests are welcome to join in a selected play reading. Island Theatre also periodically participates in the Kitsap Regional Library's One Book, One Community program by performing a staged playreading, tied to that year's book selection, at multiple Kitsap County library branches. Island Theatre is a nonprofit IRS Section 501(c)(3) organization. Its mottos is “Can we rehearse at your house?”

SLIDESHOW: A Cruise at Sunset, by John Ratterman - Jim Alexander & Sue Bielka; Ferblunjit, by Karen Polinsky - Austin Bennett and Sandi Spellman; Hospice-A Love Story, by Elizabeth Coplan - Diane Walker and Carolyn Goad; Me and My Shadow, by Steven Lee Palay - Karen Galven and Patrick Ryan; My Beautiful Voyage, by Paul Lewis - Shannon Dowling & Bronsyn Foster; Second Chance, by Rob Burke - Tracy Dickerson & Tyler Weaver; The Play's the Thing, by Jeff Fraga - Nathan Whitehouse, Thomas Allen and Ryder Wing; The Service, by Wendy Wallace - Per Sherwin, Cymbeline Brody, Nita Wilson; Tree for All, by Noah Barfield - Sam Granato, Quinn Balas, Joseph Lacko. All photos by Diane Walker except Hospice (Courtesy) and My Beautiful Voyage (by Matt Longmire).

PHOTO: Island Theatre 2015 Ten-Minute Play Festival playwrights. Credit: Steve Stolee. Clockwise from left: Jeff Fraga, Wendy Wallace, Noah Barfield, John Ratterman, Elizabeth Coplan, Steven Lee Palay. Not pictured: Rob Burke, Paul Lewis, Karen Polinsky

Admission is free, with a suggested donation of $10.

Island Theatre Ten-Minute Play Festival 2015

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