Grades 1 - 3

Grades 1 - 3

Grades 1 - 3: Introduction to Musical Theatre: Big Fish

Class Meets: April 20 - June 8, Thursdays @ 3:30 - 5:00 p.m.

Instructor: Patrick DaylrimpleKate Drummond

Tuition: $125

TWO PART online registration: Download and complete the Registration Form AND Click the "Register Now" button below to pay for the class.

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In this delightfully fun, perennially popular class, students learn two song-and-dance numbers from a given show, along with a bunch of fun, silly theatre games. It’s a great way to learn some of the basics of taking choreography and musical direction in a fun, low-pressure setting. This session we’ll be focusing on Big Fish, the family tale of love, adventure, and storytelling we hope all the students will come see here at BPA this May. (Though after taking this class, they’ll be struggling not to sing along!) 


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