Correo Aèreo Duo

November 8: Correo Aèreo Duo

Public Performance: Friday @ 7:30 p.m.

"The music of Correo Aèreo…inspired respect about a culture and people whose voice is rarely heard and even more rarely experienced." - Gail Gunther Reitan, Hamline University

“Semillas de Inmensidad,” Correo Aereo’s newest album is a lush collection of assorted song seeds from Argentina, Venezuela and Mexico, including two songs in the 2500 year old Zapotec Indian language. Abel & Madeleine are joined by Amy Denio on clarinet, accordion and voice. LISTEN here.

Correo Aèreo (Air Mail) is an award winning acoustic multi-instrumental and vocal Latin/World music duo. Nationally and internationally touring for the past twenty years, they have performed and recorded the traditional music of Latin America, especially Venezuela, Argentina, Mexico, as well as their own deeply-rooted original music on stage, in feature films, and on television and radio broadcasts. Together, Abel Rocha and Madeleine Sosin combine an array of string and percussive instruments with silken vocal harmonies described as “locked in intimate embrace” by the Austin Chronicle. Abel sings and plays Venezuelan and Mexican harp, guitar and Venezuelan cuatro. Madeleine sings and plays violin, maracas, bombo and jarana. Visit online at

“Their music has sabor. Madeleine is constant and fluid motion. Her hands, legs, her hips sway. She doesn’t shake the maracas; she jerks, snaps, rolls, twirls and spins them. Abel is the counterweight. His relaxed, confident style of playing holds the stage together and makes the music solid…Take my advice: skip class, skip work, skip Emos, and even skip Son Yuma if you have to. See Correo Aèreo.” - AUSTIN CHRONICLE



Correo Aèreo Duo

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