BPA Theatre School Now Enrolling Fall Classes

BPA Theatre School is Now Enrolling
Fall Classes at Bainbridge Performing Arts (BPA)

BPA Theatre School is now registering for an inviting array of fall classes for pupils of all ages. Students (ages 4 – 7) in Creative Drama will explore the elements of theatre and learn to use their faces, bodies, and voices to tell a story. Students, ages 6 – 8, will learn two song-and-dance numbers and engage in imaginative skill-building theatre games in Introduction to Musical Theatre.

This fall, we’re excited to offer two rigorous production classes for students, ages 8 – 10 and ages 11 – 14. Film Noir will explore the “Dark Film” genre that brought us such classics as The Maltese Falcon, The Big Sleep, and M!. New to BPA, Duncan Menzies will shepherd the younger students, while the older class will be guided by another newcomer, Havilah Criss.

Pete Benson and Amanda Yeoman Brooke will team up to lead Teen Lab students, ages 12 – 19, in the preparation of audition materials for theatre, commercial, and film. Participants will learn a range of techniques to create a character and find new ways to approach the script for clues. Students will learn how tell a story other than their own, but from their own unique perspective.

Read more and register today online at www.bainbridgeperformingarts.org, or contact Pete Benson by phone at 206.842.4560 x3 with questions.

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