BPA Auditions: As You Like It

Bainbridge Performing Arts is pleased to announce that auditions for AS YOU LIKE IT will be held March 19. One of Shakespeare’s funniest, famous and finest comedies, AS YOU LIKE IT offers something for everyone: villainy, romance, humor, memorable characters and often-quoted speeches. This adventurous tale from the Forest of Arden combines the flavor of Robin Hood with romance around every tree. It is a story of disguise and love triangles, and all of the confusion gets sorted out in the end. Don’t miss the opportunity to play a role in BPA’s 7th annual summertime Shakespeare performance at The Bloedel Reserve.


July 12, 13, 14, 18, 19, 20, 21, 25, 26, 27, and 28, with a Pay-What-You-Can Preview July 11


May 13 through July 10, Mondays, Tuesdays, and Thursdays @ 6:40 – 9:40 p.m. plus Saturdays @ 11:30 a.m. – 5:00 p.m.


Please prepare a memorized 1-1½-minute Shakespearean or classical (pre-1900) dramatic and/or comedic monologue for your audition. The monologue should not be from AS YOU LIKE IT. All roles are open to audition. All roles are open to audition.

Auditions are by appointment only.


Roles for 17+ Men, Women and Teens, ages 16 and up. Non-traditional casting will be welcome.

ROSELIND: The Old Duke’s daughter. When Duke Frederick took power, he did not exile her, and she and her cousin Celia soon became inseparable friends. She disguises herself as Ganymede to become closer to her beloved Orlando during her exile in the forest; clever, independent, strong-willed, and good-natured.

ORLANDO: Youngest son of Sir Rowland de Boys. Mistreated by his elder brother Oliver, he takes his portion of their inheritance and heads for the forest, where he meets and falls in love with Rosalind. A young man still defining his relationship with manhood and independence. Innocent and at times a bit hapless—though still intelligent enough to verbally spar with Rosalind, and to hold his own against her razor-sharp wit.

DUKE SENIOR: The rightful duke, banished from court after being deposed by his usurping brother. Currently living in the forest with a small handful of attending lords who have followed him into exile. A kind, generous, and forgiving man, living and enjoying his life despite his misfortunes.

HYMEN: The God of Marriage, will be incorporated in this production as a Narrator of sorts

FREDERICK: Duke Senior’s usurping brother. Impulsive and vengeful. Paranoid about protecting his newfound power, he banishes his niece Rosalind, who he fears may drum up sympathy among his subjects. A powerful presence.

JACQUES: A lord attending on Duke Senior, whom he loyally followed into the forest after his banishment. A man who takes some delight in his attraction to being melancholy. Contemplative, articulate, witty. Something spiritually left-of-center.

TOUCHSTONE: A clown. Exceedingly bright—not a bumpkin. Coaxed by Rosalind and Celia into joining them in exile. Vacillates between appearing incredibly simple, and having a faster tongue and mind than most of the people around him. Sports some airs of sophistication, and swears to have once been a courtier.

CELIA: Daughter to Duke Frederick. Cousin to Rosalind; they were raised together, and have a bond as close as sisters. So strong is Celia’s love for her banished cousin that she follows Rosalind into the forest in voluntary exile. Sometimes deadpan, sometimes sweetly funny and endearing, she is able to keep pace with Rosalind in the arenas of intelligence, wit and spirit.

OLIVER: Orlando’s older brother. Threatened by his younger brother, he abuses his power by denying Orlando his rights to a gentleman’s education, thus cementing Orlando’s lowly status. Begins the play selfish and power-hungry, but a single act of great generosity on his brother’s part teaches him humility and compassion, and allows him to open himself up to love.

SILVIUS: A shepherd. Good-natured. Madly in love with Phebe, who is not particularly interested in him, but he is impossible to dissuade; he’ll do anything for her love, no matter how extreme. Love is everything to him.

PHEBE: A shepherdess. Direct, energetic and single-minded, she goes after what she wants—even though she only wants what she can’t have. After Rosalind (disguised as her male alter-ego) scorns and insults her, she falls in love with “him”, all the while trying to shake the unflappable Silvius.

CORIN: A country shepherd. Good-natured and world-wise, although his education comes from nature as opposed to conventional schooling. A natural philosopher who is content living outside of the court.

AUDREY: A country woman. Saucy and bawdy, she strikes a strong contrast to the refined ladies from the court.

ADAM: The aging former servant of Sir Rowland de Boys, now loyal servant to Orlando. Strong of heart, but physically frail and, ideally, shorter of stature. A witness to Oliver’s unkindness, he not only accompanies Orlando in his journey to the forest, but also offers up his meager savings to furnish their journey. The model of honesty and loyalty.

AMIENS: A lord attending on Duke Senior. Like the Duke, Amiens tries to stay merry in his new-found home in the forest, entertaining those around him with song.

CHARLES: A wrestler at the court. The unbeatable champion, at the top of his game. A strong and imposing mountain of a man.

LE BEAU: A courtier attending on Duke Frederick, but not entirely sympathetic to his bad behavior. Refined and in-the-know about all of the “goings-on” in court.


BPA Auditions

Tuesday, March 19 from 6:30 - 9:00 p.m.