The EDGE Improv

The EDGE Improv's riotous antics have inspired rave reviews from shrewd onlookers since the dawn of time. The troupe performs to sell-out crowds regularly at BPA where their shenanigans have earned a devoted community of followers seeking respite from life’s wearisome details. For nearly a quarter century, The EDGE Improv has ingeniously improvised facts of all persuasion. Their promise of "imagination on demand" routinely relies on audience suggestions. You won’t want to miss their first-Saturday performances, which troupe member Ken Ballenger likens to therapy (but cheaper!).


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November 2 Special: Sourdough on the rise, 5:00 - 6:00 p.m.

Join beloved EDGE troupe member Cynthia Lair in the BPA lobby for a sourdough starter making demo and book-signing.

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“There have been dozens of bread-baking books published over the past few years. So why is this compact book the one that finally got me to make my first starter? It’s all about the approach. This book is short, friendly, packed with helpful sidebars, and suggests that the first thing you make with your starter be pancakes (always a way into my heart). Yes, I know, sourdough is complicated, and those trendy door-stopping bread books probably have more details about how to not mess it up. But Sourdough on the Rise makes me believe I can make sourdough in a more relaxed way. Which is, frankly, the only way I’m ever going to get off my ass and do it.” —David Tamarkin, Epicurious

Learn how to make delicious whole grain sourdough breads with recipes designed for home cooks—from Danish rye seed bread and English muffins to focaccia and flapjacks. Keep reading.


“I can’t remember the last time I had a belly laugh this great.” – Sue B., audience member

“I laughed until I cried, and then I laughed some more.” – Sara M.

“These guys (and gals) are a hoot. I can’t possibly get enough of them.” – Val R., audience member

“This troupe is amazing. Together, they take something ordinary and morph it into extraordinary right in front of your eyes.” – Edward P., audience member

“Need some relief from the daily grind? Let The EDGE fill your prescription with medicine that’s good for the soul!” – Carole D., audience member

“The EDGE turns life upside down, inside out, and reaches right in to tickle your funny bone.” – Dave S., audience member

“The troupe members give it their all and then some. First Saturdays are not to be missed!” Andrew S., audience member

“They hit another home run! Head to BPA where you can blow off steam with an Improv troupe that’s totally on top of their game!” – Beverly G., audience member

“What a rip-roaring night of fun. I can’t remember when I last laughed so hard! Okay…well maybe at last month’s EDGE!” – Allen B., audience member

“Seeing The EDGE is like sunlit skies, a giant hug, your favorite desert, a massage, or anything you love – all wrapped up into a laugh-filled evening of bliss.” – David R., audience member

“My face and throat hurt from grinning so wide and laughing so hard! Who knew Improv was so much fun?!” – Shirli M., audience member

“The EDGE Improv is friggin amazing. They take the mundane and turn it into on-the-spot hilarity!” – Jeanne P., audience member

“Come armed with your ideas for the best kind of nightlife, your favorite Broadway show, or the unlikely name of a business. The EDGE relies on audience participation, and you may even be called to participate on stage.” – Jerry M., audience member

The EDGE is reliably the funniest night out on Bainbridge!” – Tyler D.

“Best Saturday night in a long time. Inspiring and funny!” – Kylee, audience member

“Grateful for this show and the laughter. “- Anonymous, audience member

“The Edge Improv is milk-through-the-nose funny. Really, I'm laughing right now.” – Rebecca Farwell, audience member

“The fun part is you never know what’s going to happen, but you’re right there in the middle of it.” – Kathleen Jennings, audience member

“Hooked on The EDGE!” – Molly Wagner, audience member

“Only onstage with The EDGE is there an amusement park where you pay to sit in a hole, an elevator full of people taking a shower, and an exotic dancing car repair shop. All totally believable.” – Cynthia Lair, troupe member

“The EDGE hopes the audience remembers…when we are on stage, the stage adds 70 to 80 pounds.” – Matty Whitman, troupe member

It’s like Saturday Night Live back in the heyday.” – Alan Francescutti, audience member

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Adults - $16.00 USD

Discount - $12.00 USD

First Saturday "Teen" Tickets: $5 per youth at the door on the night of the show. Teen Tickets cannot be pre-booked and are subject to availability.