BPA Gallery First Friday Art Walk: “Our Silent World” January 6

January 2017 BPA Gallery: “Our Silent World”
Photography by fifteen deaf children on Bainbridge’s sister island, Ometepe
First Friday Art Walk: Friday, January 6 @ 5:00 - 7:00 p.m.; Exhibit runs throughout January

Head to the BPA Gallery January 6 for an artist reception and an inspirational evening of art, food, and friends. Taken by fifteen deaf children on Bainbridge Island’s sister island, Ometepe, in Lake Nicaragua, the photos in this exhibit reveal the children’s unique view of the world around them. The purpose of the project was to give these children the opportunity to express themselves creatively to the deaf and hearing communities on both islands. In January of 2015 a small group of Bainbridge Islanders carried to Ometepe fifteen new digital cameras, which were generously donated by members of the Bainbridge Island photo club. With the assistance of a local Nicaraguan Sign Language interpreter, the group taught the children how to use the cameras. The instructions to the children were simple: “tell us your story, show us your friends, your family, your island, and your lives.” Learn more about the project online at www.BOSIA.org.