The Usual Shenanigans and Other Hooplas

December BPA Gallery: “The Usual Shenanigans and Other Hooplas”
Oil paintings on glass by Christopher Kroehler
First Friday Art Walk: Friday, December 4 @ 5:00 - 7:00 p.m.; Exhibit runs throughout December

Zelda Was Beginning To Resemble Piper, 20 x 34Join us in the BPA Gallery December 4 for an artist reception and a fun evening of art, food, and friends. Christpher Kroehler’s show is a series of oil paintings on glass depicting urban life full of his cast of characters. Each of his paintings tells a story. They play at form, color, and image; experiments of expression which read beneath the surface. His attraction to pattern and detail is derived from living in Japan for sixteen years and his dedication to the stories of the figure is derived from a simple love of form and composition.

For the past twenty plus years Kroehler has been concentrating his efforts on paintings on glass. He has developed a method of dimensional painting, which utilizes the transparent quality of glass by applying paint to both the outer and inner surfaces as well as canvas backing. As a result, light plays a major role in the work by casting shadows onto the canvas through and around the painted images on the surface of the glass. In the end, the effect is the incorporation of several separate surfaces into a cohesive and dimensional whole.

IMAGE: “Zelda Was Beginning To Resemble Piper,” 20” x 34”