BPA is a fully accessible facility, and now, thanks to a generous grant from the Bainbridge Island Rotary Club, no one ever need miss a note! We offer two types of hearing assistance systems (ALS) for our patrons’ use. 

Manufactured by Williams Sound, our newest ALS is comprised of a transmitter and ten personal receivers.  The goal of this system is to amplify sound directly into your ear, particularly well suited for guests with cochlear implants and traditional hearing aids.  This system will allow us to separate the sound, particularly speech, that you want to hear, from the background noise and improve what is know as the "speech to noise ratio."  To accomplish this our ALS system offers you the choice of using headphones, a T-coil within your hearing aid, or a personal auxiliary device that the patron may bring in. Guests who wish to use this system are encouraged to consult their audiologist for optimal performance. Our traditional Infra Red amplification devices are also available for use at every performance. Just request a device from the box office when you arrive and enjoy the show!

Please don’t hesitate to contact the Box Office prior to or during your visit for any assistance or special requests: 206.842.8569