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"Grace Notes," Reception August 7

August BPA Gallery: "Grace Notes"
Acrylics and Watercolors by Lori Grant
Reception: Friday, August 7 @ 5:00 - 7:00 p.m.; Exhibit runs throughout August

Visit the BPA Gallery for “Grace Notes,” and drop by August 7 for a special artist reception and an engaging evening of art, food, and friends. Lori Grant, who also has an extensive background in batik, displays her acrylics and watercolors in this exhibit. She says, “Life in all its fullness is to find the small, stirring, impressions – there for no reason but to enhance our existence.” Lori’s wish is that “Grace Notes” can represent what is ours to notice, seize, and forever hold. "Grace Note" is defined as a musical note, added for ornament or embellishment. Lori Grant is drawn to the simple, subtle things in the natural rhythm of life, while finding personal balance through her favorite creative pursuit. Her work has often been called "happy,” leading her to choose the title, "Grace Notes" for this exhibit.

IMAGE: "Transition in Red"

Written by Sally Jo Martine

"Retrospective," Reception July 10

July BPA Gallery: "Retrospective"
Oil on Canvas by Craig Spencer
Reception: Friday, July 10 @ 5:00 - 7:00 p.m.; Exhibit runs throughout July

Visit the BPA Gallery for “Retrospective,” and drop by July 10 for a special artist reception and an engaging evening of art, food, and friends. The works on display in this exhibit began more than two decades ago, with the awakening of Craig Spencer’s interest in the esoteric traditions of Alchemy, Hermetic Philosophy, and Buddhism. During this period, Craig developed an intense focus on dream imagery and lucid dream practice. Integrating formal aspects of line, shape, and color, with representational and symbolic content became the primary concern in his work. Craig describes this process as “the Alchemical transmutation of base materials into spiritual gold.” A spiritual theme is woven throughout his work. The Sleeping Poet was inspired by a medieval poem, in which the poet tells of an initiatory dream experience on the banks of a stream. Craig muses, “The fish might represent newly activated energies that dwell in the fluid element of the unconscious or inhabit the realm of pure images.” Craig painted Los's Bright Halls while reading William Blake's Jerusalem. He says, “Los represents the archetypal creator and custodian of sacred images that preserve the spiritual life of man who, once cut off from the creative and divine influx, is doomed to spiritual death.”

Written by Sally Jo Martine

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The BPA Gallery showcases regional artists in monthly rotating exhibits in the C. Keith Birkenfeld Lobby and regularly participates in the First Friday Art Walk. Gallery hours are 12:00 – 5:00 p.m. Tuesday – Friday plus one hour prior to each performance. Contact Dominique Cantwell at 206.842.4560 with gallery inquiries.

Written by Sally Jo Martine